High-resolution images from past Tours and of individual artists' work are available
to the media within 24 hours upon request.




"Gina and I have worked together before to present our work and that of other
artists to the Spokane public, and we talked about how much we'd like to do that in
the beautiful settings of gardens and river valley where we live and work. People
loved the studio tour that first year, and the show has grown and added new things
each year since."
-Hulda Bridgeman, Tour Host

"Photographs are a perfect representation of a memory. Like memories, they are
distorted from reality and subject to personal (emotional) interpretation. They are
exaggerations of fact through the use of wide angle or telephoto lenses that flatten
three dimensions into two."
- Ira Gardner, Photographer

"The individual stones and components almost seem to select each other and create
their own story together. It always pleases me when someone is immediately attracted to
one certain piece. It is as if they hear that particular story, too."
-Kris Howell, Jeweler