William & Julia Cleaver

“Leave it to Cleaver”, Julia and William Cleaver, Father and Daughter


William Cleaver



My work has touched many hearts.

Leather is my main medium, it tells me a story and I bring it out.

The beauty of my life has been that I have been able to follow my dreams through my creativity.

My passion for history and the cowboy period of the American West taught me the techniques and aesthetics and is the foundation of my leather work and design. My creations and designs have been in major museums, books, magazines, advertising, fashion, television and films.

Clients include Ralph Lauren, Marlboro, Chevrolet, Sundance, Eddie Bauer, Filson, and my work is in many private collections.

This new body of work represents a true expression for me... no boundaries, and thirty five years of technique I can run with. I'm having a blast with these sculptures and putting the magic in them that has touched so many.

Bill Cleaver / Wm Henri






Julia Cleaver

My name is Julia Cleaver and I specialize in leather dog collars with bow ties, leashes and other pet accessories. I also will be bringing hand sewn wallets, key fobs, and bracelets, for my two legged friends.

I make everything by hand, no machines used.

Handcrafted leather goods, for a quality adventure.