Will Richards

Having tired of the symmetry and “seam in the back” approach to lampshades, Will Richards shakes up the concept of the traditional lampshade. He incorporates epoxy glass cloth with carbon fiber and a variety of other composite materials to produce one of a kind shades. Recycling scraps from the manufacturing process of a local composite engineering company allows Will to incorporate elements of design based on available materials.

The ceramic bases reflect a return to his potter roots acquired almost 40 years ago. Using a specialized clay body, the currently available models are hand built, dried, bisqued, glazed, and raku-fired. This process involves rapid firing to melt the glazes. These glowing pots are then introduced to combustible material where they receive a carbon induction from an airtight, smoke-filled chamber.

The final assembly involves a mix and match session that connects the glazed tops and feet with lamp bodies based on surface and color tension. The final wiring step unites a carbon fiber riser tube and cord with solid nickel-plated brass pull chain sockets.

These lamps are unique and wonderful. Each expresses gesture and a personality that is designed to challenge your mood.