Victoria Brace

Raised and educated in Russia, Victoria Brace relocated to Spokane in the 1990s and has been sharing her craft with audiences in this region since. She is known for her local landscapes and cityscapes, figurative and still life works.

Brace’s figurative pieces are drawn from an internal point of reference, rather than directly from a model. She studies the faces of people she meets and then recaptures their essence from memory. Her formal education at the Moscow College of Art gives her a strong foundation from which to begin her improvisational process. ”I start a painting with a visual story in mind.  It's mostly the mood, the movement, the play of colors and shapes that I want to capture on canvas, usually no narrative at this point. Most of my paintings are layers of images, where things get added or painted out.  In short, I make things up, and then I paint them so they feel real. Memories, observations, thoughts and experiences combine in my mind, and the images form.”

Her work can be found in private collections across Russia, Western Europe and the United States.