Ute Monjau-Porath

Ute Imaginess Costumes’

"I design, sew and sculpt jackets and coats, top hats with dioramas, dresses and pants, bags and corsets. I feel excited and inspired by period clothes and theatrical costumes. The invitation stands to layer my work in the same way we live our complex lives: boldly and   with contemporary, multifunctional wearability.
  Sewing for me is like exploring connections: I draw, draft, sew, slowstitch, felt, embroider narratively and rivet. For me it's an joyful adventure to combine woven, knit, felted, grown materials into beauty and protection, to speak to the desire, soul and needs of the future wearer. I combine leather, textiles, vintage trims, found treasures, bohemian glass beads and various hardware into assemblages of varied colors, textures, patterns and shapes.  
I like shaping and fitting wearables for a multitude of human bodyshapes. 
I create from a desire to experience, express and share joy and beauty and hope 
to dazzle and delight the future wearer."