Susan Hedstrand

Susan is known for her detailed and lifelike equine portraits, radiating the spirit and individuality of the animal.  A love of the West, wilderness and animals infuses her art.

Many years' experience in pencil developed a strong sense of tonality and proportion, which made etching a natural transition.
She is dedicated to creating handmade etchings which are highly valued as original pieces of art.  In order to assure the superior quality of each finished print, Susan does her own printing and handcoloring.

Etching is an art medium in which the artist works directly on the metal plate, from which original prints are hand-pulled.  Each etching is considered an original print.

In etching, the "drawing" is done with a pointed tool, on a zinc or copper plate which has been covered with an acid-resist ground.  The work on the plate is always done in mirror image to the final print.  The plate is then immersed in acid to etch the lines. The plate will be cleaned, regrounded, and reworked several times. When work on the plate is finished, the plate is inked and carefully wiped clean by hand, leaving ink only in the etched lines. Softened paper is then forced into the inked lines as it passes through the steel rollers of the etching press. Color may be added by handcoloring, or printing with colored inks.
Since the plate must be re-inked by hand for each print pulled, no two prints are ever exactly alike, as are machine-made reproductions.  Etchings are truly limited editions, since the metal plate will wear down as the edition is printed.

Reflecting Susan's deep connection with the wilderness, her art is a constant reminder of our precious natural environment.

"Capturing the essence and beauty of nature, whether an alpine stream or a vibrant horse is my highest goal. To have my art embody this feeling is my constant vision.”