Ruly Deen

Ruly Deen – Silver Element Jewelry

I took my first jewelry class at age 12, got my first job as a working jeweler at 16, and went on to earn  BFA in metalworking from the University of the Arts. I continue my education every day in the workshop, refining my skills and exploring new ideas.
For many years I had art jewelry gallery called Argentum Aurum in downtown Spokane. Now I exhibit at art festivals around the country under the name Silver Element Jewelry.
I use metaphor in my work, combining my love of the natural world with formal science as a way to connect with the underlying structure of the universe. Concepts from astronomy, biology or math are enhanced with spirituality and metaphysics.  I carve the whole piece, including the interior and reverse surfaces, with symbols that express emotional concepts.
I often combine my carvings with natural gems, which highlight the dual aspects of my art; the color and light of a beautiful stone reflects the science of geology as well as the  spiritual meaning of an ancient talisman.
My process starts with conceptual drawings that become intricate, miniature sculptures when I carve my ideas into wax. With traditional casting techniques I transform the carvings into silver shapes. These are soldered together, then further detailed with burs and gravers. I am fascinated with engineering, and often build complex mechanisms including clasps, swivels, and hinges. 
The intention of each piece is a personal relationship; wearable art inspired by the natural science and mystery of the world around us.