Ron Horton

I have always enjoyed working with my hands and making things. From keeping my old beater pickup running in high school to working in construction while going to college, I developed a pretty well balanced skill set in mechanics and construction and an appreciation for the people that do that kind of work. As a home owner, I always made room for a ’shop’ and did as many home improvement projects I could with my limited collection of tools and skills. Probably most importantly, I developed an attitude that I could make, build or repair whatever I set my mind too. Over time, my shop got bigger, my tool collection more extensive, and I managed to hone a few skills.  

A blacksmithing class taken in 2015 got me interested in making things out of metal, and combining them with wood into original furniture pieces. For the last few years I worked on my smithing skills and focused on hand crafting camp axes. My axes are made the way the ancient Vikings made theirs, by forging and folding the metal body around a ‘bit’ of high carbon steel to form the cutting edge of the axe. I hand carve the axe handles from wood sourced locally from arborists and I hand craft the leather sheaths. I am also making Japanese style kitchen knives, unique hooks and coat racks.