Mike DeCesare

Mike uses an academic foundation of technical expertise from his formal training at the New York Institute of Photography, along with a deep and abiding love and respect for the outdoors, to create images that interpret and respect, nature's grand and beautiful elegance, or serve as a time portal to a place where people once lived and loved, and left their mark behind.   In the field, an image might be shot from a position that provides no margin for error in personal safety; others can take miles of hiking and hours to reach.
Every image is photographed and then hand crafted solely by Mike DeCesare to render a final work that interprets the natural world and the bond between nature and people.   It is produced on the finest papers and materials, and available only in very limited editions, either 15 or 25. 

Mike's work has been juried for exhibition at prestigious art shows across the Western United States, from Spokane's Artfest to Coeur 'd Alene's Art on the Green, from Salt Lake City's Urban Arts Festival to the Beverly Hills artShow. The Colorida Art Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal featured Mike's work in a one person show in 2016.   The same year, Mike was featured in Hidden Treasure Art magazine, where the editor called his work "Absolutely breathtaking."   In 2017, Mike was selected as a featured artist on the influential Artsy Shark website, included in Volume XII of International Contemporary Artists, and his portraits were featured internationally by Agefotostock, one of the top international photo agencies. In 2018, Mike was invited directly to by-pass the jury process and become an   affiliated artist with the Circle Arts Foundation in Europe. 
Mike lives in Spokane, Washington, but travels and photographs around the country and internationally.