Michelle Schneider

 I focus on thoughtful design, quality of form, and subtle finishes to create pottery that expresses the nature of the materials. I am fascinated with the serendipitous interaction of form, clay, glaze, and fire that provokes unanswered questions that reveal themselves with functional use. I create depth of surface using textured clay, layered glazes, wild clay, wood ash, and fire and heat from the kiln, emphasizing connection to location. My pottery is thrown on a wheel or formed by hand. Functional pots are trimmed, bisque fired, and glazed using hand mixed glazes in an earthy, calm palette. Alternative fired pots are burnished and fired in a metal barrel, using layers of straw, pine needles, seaweed, copper, and salts to achieve a beautiful organic surface.

My pottery is the result of my creative thoughts, observations, curiosity, and experimentation. I labor to express myself with clarity, increasing my technical knowledge as my vocabulary. The full completion of the process occurs when the work is used and enjoyed.