MaryAnn Fiorillo

Artist Statement

I paint using Fluid Acrylic and resin on a repurposed material that is cuttable and sculptable. My process and subjects speak to the metamorphic shape-shifting qualities of living.

Short Biography

MaryAnn is a native of the Palouse Region (Eastern Washington). She grew up on a farm, being part of a fifth generation homesteading family. She remembers running the hills barefoot and creating all matter of mischief in the barn. Arts and crafts were staples in her early years to pass the time. As an adult, following the loss of a child, this sent her into a period of deep grief and introspection. Eventually, art, (in its several forms) is what brought MaryAnn back to sharing herself with the world again. During Covid she decided she wanted to paint professionally, combining Fluid Acrylic techniques with a much older style, Alla Prima, or ‘wet on wet’ Acrylic Painting. MaryAnn lives in Moscow, Idaho with her husband and three teen-aged children.