Linda Ballard

I have been making bags for the past 7 years.   I gather unique vintage (sometimes new) wool textiles as well as vintage leather horsetack and leather belts for strapping.   I work alone designing and making each bag.   Prior to this I was a Nurse Practitioner.

Using natural elements of wool, leather, cotton duck, copper rivets, driftwood and found treasure, each Pacific Northwest Carry Bag is a one of a kind creation. Built to last, these bags are roomy with many pockets,  rugged, and beautiful!   In addition, upcycling materials are used when available such as sturdy leather belts or horse tack for straps, found wool rugs or Killims for the body of the bag,  found treasure for decoration.
The textures, colors and beauty of the Pacific Northwest are what drive the creation of each Pacific Northwest Bag.   While the bag is ideal for carrying art supplies, study materials, travel items,  you can count on durability.