Kris Howell

Jewelry is a very intimate art form.  We don’t set it on a shelf or hang it on the wall.  We wear it on our body.  I like the challenge of combining the contrasting elements of stone with metal and organic shapes with clean design lines to find a story that will connect with someone in a meaningful way.  The appeal must be strong enough that someone wants to wear it.

Shiny, highly polished silver has less appeal to me.  All my pieces are textured using a variety of techniques.  Roller imprinting, hammering, fold forming, granulation and keum boo are some of my favorite ways to manipulate the surface.  Adding patina enhances the impression of the surface texture. The veins of crumbled aluminum foil, grains of sand or the graphic mesh of window screen have all been used to enhance the visual and tactile aspect of my jewelry.

Each piece is an exploration of where I can go with the stones and silver together.  I strive to create well designed, wearable jewelry that conveys a sense of self.