Ken Nguyen Scott

I've always wanted to create art. I remember doing a watercolor in elementary school of golden poppies. I've moved through many different mediums over the years, doing macrame, calligraphy, jewelry, photography and stained glass. In the late 90s, I was teaching stained glass as a non-credit class at the University of Hawai'i and when my students were busy and didn't need help for a few minutes, I would wander over to the ceramics classroom next door and watch. I eventually signed up for a class there and ceramics has become my primary medium.

While I like clean, contemporary styles, I'm also drawn to more ornamented styles and have developed skills for carving clay in order to create pieces that are complexly decorated, borrowing ideas from various sources and incorporating them into my work.

Much of what I make is functional work - decorative mugs, bowls, etc. - that can be used every day, or can be displayed and just looked at.