Gwyn Pevonka

Newly transplanted to Spokane, WA from Knoxville, TN, in summer 2021 and I quickly joined the arts community in Spokane. I am a former artist-in-residence of THE HIVE® and now navigating creative life post an artist residency---I've been putting all my creative energy into hosting a small-curated art market in Spokane, called the 33 Artists Market.

I have been working in my particular style since 2009. My paintings are created one-layer-a-day for 20-50 consecutive days. Once the paintings have cured I carve into the surface revealing the layers beneath, this is my favorite part of the process. This is my soul, my abstracts.

In 2016, I started to experiment with the pieces that were carved away. I use what has been carved away and slice the paint chips into small slivers and create collages, I call Acrylic Assemblages.

I have two bodies of work; my carvings which for the most part are my abstracts, with an occasional landscape here and there and my acrylic assemblages which are my mermaids, girls with flowers, and animals. My assemblages are made primarily of paint, I reuse the excess that has been carved away from my abstract paintings to create a texture that is completely made from my studio processes excess. Nothing goes to waste in my studio.

I love to play with color, line and texture. In my current work I am exploring paint as texture. It really is something you have to see, touch and experience.