Gina Freuen

My work is whimsical, story telling, tactile to the touch and with luscious tones of brick, sand and smoke.

The surfaces of my various forms including teapots, vases, pitchers and one of a kind sculpture are created using slab and wheel throwing techniques, enhanced with rolled textures, stamps, hand carving and original line drawings then finished off  in my home kiln with a 48 hour atmospheric, soda wood, kiln firing. A select body of my ceramic forms have traveled to exclusive wood fired anagama kilns to be fired for 110 hours exacting one of a kind results.

Recently retired after teaching at Gonzaga University for 20 years in their art department, I am looking forward to an increased focus on my work and studio regimen. As a host studio for this tour, I truly enjoy the varied and fun responses to my forms and my studio environment including the wonderful, big, soda /wood kiln I use to fire my work.