Gay Waldman

Gay Waldman has worked in her studio professionally since 1985 and participates in art festivals, juried shows, and galleries, selling her artwork throughout the Northwest. Her photographs are the starting point for her artwork and then her intuitively enhanced images become her artistic expressions. Her portfolio includes floral, landscape, architecture, abstract, and collaged imagery.

For twenty years she worked in her darkroom and since 2003, she exclusively uses computer tools in the development of her artwork. She either scans a neg, photo, painting, drawing, or shoots an original digital file and then digitally enhances or collages the image. Occasionally she embellishes the print surface with pencil, paint, or pastel. Her fascination with line, color, and shape push her to explore the never ending possibilities of art making.

Her images are professionally printed on a variety of traditional photographic papers and dye-infused aluminum. She offers original art work, commissioned artwork, digital photo-restoration, and public art installation. In 2001, after sixteen years of retail work in custom picture frame shops, she built her own studio frame shop. Gay provides professional custom picture framing, design, on-site consultation, and installation.

Gay’s photo-art reaches beyond the impact of traditional photography. In a significant way, her work expands how the viewer perceives, considers and interprets photographic media as art. Please visit for more and enjoy!