Emma Sheldon

Emma Sheldon was born and raised in Spokane, Wa by two local artists ( Deb and Jason Sheldon). Art was a way of life in their household. This upbringing naturally led her to SFCC to study Graphic Design. Due to the hands-on creation she was used to, Graphic Design on its own just didn’t feed her. Print seemed to be a natural next step. She learned intaglio and moved on to study letterpress for 2 years. Fast forward 2 more years and Cecil Studios Letterpress and Design was born! Emma has her 100+ year old presses in her late fathers garage on the south hill. She prints and designs postcards, art prints and custom work as well! Letterpress is a centuries-old craft that never seems to go out of style. This technique is an incredible marriage of old and new. Emma’s oldest press is over 120 years old and runs smoother than ever. The presses have a rhythm to their movement that resembles a well choreographed ballet. Every part in its place, moving in mesmerizing unison. The process of this style of printing is one that requires patience and knowledge. Each color of ink is hand mixed. Only one color can be printed at a time. And each piece of paper is hand fed. Every step is full of intention and done by hand. Emma believes that she has a responsibility to pass this knowledge along and she hopes share it with you, one day.