Dona Miller

Art, especially jewelry, is very personal. The combination of elegance and grace, of sophistication and simplicity, of refinement and subtlety, of old and new, defines my work. My inspiration comes from the spiritual aspects of life, the patterns of nature, traditional arts and from my life experiences and loves.

I enjoy finding unique focal stones that are the center piece of my designs and combining them with accent stones that enhance their beauty. More often than not, the piece itself directs me in its design and construction.  I believe my pieces are often meant for a specific person, containing a specific message, and I am only the messenger.  Through me, a piece can bring a person hope or understanding, comfort or happiness.  

My work is constantly evolving. I continue to strive to expand and refine my techniques which allow me to bring new aspects of creation to my work.  

It is my hope that my jewelry reminds people of their own unique beauty and power, to reach higher, to love and be inspired.