David Hutchens

Elementuit Clay Wares

Born in the Sonoran Desert, Davids earliest influences were informed by pre-historic peoples who left trails of pots, artifacts and shards across vast lands of open space. He set off exploring upon this trail of clues.
He began working with clay nearly 50 years ago. 2 years spent at a kickwheel for openers, connecting with the inherent creative available energy within. On his way he worked at the Archie Bray Foundation, was a resident Artisan at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts where the realm of International Clay came into his focus.
Potter, student of life, teacher. after 35 years working as a potter in the Spokane area, a return to his desert roots led him to manage the Arcosanti ceramics studio, to teach Ceramics and Sustainability of Southwestern Pre-historic Cultures and to the Arizona Archaeological Society involved in the identification of pre-historic pot shards.
Influenced and inspired by life in the natual world, David defines himself as an Elemental Ceramic Artisan. Currently he works in white Earthenware, Terra-cotta, and Raku clays. His pieces are low fired in various kilns. He lives and works in a handcrafted historic log cabin at the base of a mountain on the edge of  the Cabinet Mountian wilderness .