Betsy Pozzanghera

I grew-up in a very "crafty" family. We four siblings were taught the-ins-and-outs of many, many crafts.
B. Pozzitive Bags was born in early 2017 and is a Spokane based, artisanal, re-purposed leather handbag business with small-scale production. The majority of the leather goods used in making B. Pozzitive Bags has been worn by real people with stories built in.

Re-Purposing Leather Goods - Creating One-of-a-Kind Items

I have three (3) product lines:
- I create Ancestry Bags from customer supplied leather goods that carry sentimental value, memories of a loved one, stories of life, etc. These bags enable the wearer to carry that beloved person’s memory with them instead of the leather good being hidden away in a box or closet for all time.
- My entry level product line is Ready-to-Wear Bags. These are pre-made, by me, and featured at in-person events as well as online.
- Custom Wear Bags are the line where people can customize a Ready-to-Wear bag they like with colors and hardware of their choice. These can be ordered at in-person events as well as online.

When you wear a B. Pozzitive Bag you are not only wearing a fashionable and durable genuine leather bag, you’re wearing a hundred stories!